Choose between two types of installation

Step 1:

Download the latest version of the HolaClient egg from HolaClient/installer and import it to your Pterodactyl panel.

Step 2:

As usual create a server using that egg and go all the way to the bottom until you see Service Variables. In the Version of HolaClient, put which version you want. By default its  latest  and it is recommended to leave it as it is. After configuring your server you can finally create it.

Step 3:

After the server finishes installing you can setup configuration files like:  config.json  & your desired settings file either JSON or YML. While setting up the website area in settings, please make sure the port you enter there matches with your Pterodactyl server port. There will be consequences if they doesn't match. And the hostname is your server's domain ex: . Without "/" at the end.

Congrats for successfully installing HolaClient, if you face any error contact us on our Discord server or support email